Welcome to Harris Performance.  Site is run by me, Brian Harris for GM fuel injection options for the average guy.  I don’t do race vehicles.  I help customers design and implement GM fuel injection for daily driven vehicles that need to run well, perform better that stock and get at least the fuel economy of the stock vehicle or darn close to it.  If you want a thumping race car, plenty of sites out there to help with that process.  I am here to help the guy looking to have some fun without breaking the bank and to spend that modification money wisely.  Too many people fall into the temptation to build a cam thumping race car but then when it drinks gas like no tomorrow and has poor drivability they either wind up selling the vehicle or spending more money to fix it to what should have been done in the first place.  I am here to help you NOT make those mistakes which I have made and likely many of you have too in the past.

advice as well as support for the computer system to help you get there.

GM fuel injection for the average guy