Project stocker LM7 5.3L

Well this project is just dyno testing a BONE STOCK 1999 Chevy LM7 5.3L truck just so that I have a good base line dyno number for the chassis dyno that I am using. As you can see on the BEFORE dyno graphs this 285hp factory rated 5.3L engine only pulled a 185hp at the rear wheels and the truck runs well and sounds good and smooth with no issues and you can see it responded quite well to some programming which gained 10% more power or 20rwhp and 30lbs of torque on this dyno.  I wanted to know where a stock truck stood so I would no how much I REALLY gained with my more modified projects.  Also this truck not only made more power with a modest tune on the same 87 octane fuel but that extra power was felt at all throttle levels and rpms for a much crisper throttle response and almost 2mpg better gas mileage.



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