Project Nitemare Supercharged LQ4

Well this project is going to take the 326rwhp vortec 6.0L dark nite project and go the next step with it and slap a whipple supercharger and custom 3″ pulley which ended up making 9.5lbs of boost on the dyno.  I really thought that much pulley change would have yielded 3 or 4 more lbs of boost on that size supercharger but later found out that it was a combination of the air intake and small MAF sensor from the express van I pulled this 6.0L out of that limited my boost.

However, the power is crazy strong despite its 465hp and torque rear wheel dyno numbers indicate.  This is a Mustang dyno and has always seemed a tad on the low side but that is what it pulled and its definitely fast and can burn those 305/45R18 nitto drag radials pretty easily.  I chose to keep the stock torque converter in that 4L80E and I was questioning that decision with the 326hp naturally aspirated motor but that whipple supercharger makes full boost by 2000 rpms and it has wicked power down low.  Just look how fast that graph climbed before curving off to a normal arch.

Here is a picture of the 2.3L supercharger unit.  this is the earlier unit whipple sold for the 4.8-6.0L trucks.  Whipple used a huge 4.375″ pulley on these units to cut the boost potential down for their kits for safer engine reliability.  since I am not using the supplemental fuel system that came with that kit and will be running 50lb Racetronix  injectors as well as custom tuning this setup on a chassis dyno. I am not limited to those restraints and found that I can easily run a 3″ pulley on this thing which should yielded significantly more boost than I would have had with larger pulley.

So after these dyno results were taken, I did upgrade the intake setup to something similar to what is in the short video below and when I put it back on the dyno, I made a few too many pulls.   Well 1 too many anyway.  With the air intake upgrade the last good pull was 485rwhp and torque and then I got the bright idea to make a good long pull on the dyno to make sure my fuel pump wasn’t going to drop fuel pressure if I took the truck to the track will about 35 seconds into the pull, I wound up melting 3 pistons out of the motor.  AFR looked good at a rock solid 12.2:1 but stock pistons will only take so much abuse. so much for supercharged fun


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